Gunmen broke into the house of Governor of Central Bank of Libya Siddiq Al-Kabir in Nofliyeen neighborhood of Tripoli late on Monday in an attempt to abduct him.

Sources said the gunmen were angry about the rising price of dollar in the black market, accusing Al-Kabir of being behind the deterioration of Libyan dinar against the dollar.

Al-Kabir was not at home when the attack took place. According to the Central Bank of Libya, Al-Kabir was in Malta attending a meeting of governors of EU central banks.

Central Bank of Libya staffers issued a statement on Tuesday to denounce the attack on Al-Kabir’s house. They said the attack is part of a systematic campaign to sack the governor Al-Kabir.

“We are surprised by the suspicious silence of those in power and security authorities,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, Tobruk-based House of Representatives has set April 25 for selecting a new governor for the Central Bank of Libya and April 24 for reviewing the candidates’ CVs. It’s not known whether their selection will be accepted in the light of the ongoing political split in the country.

Libya is going through a dire financial crisis. The dollar price surged to a record high in the black market reaching around LYD 8.50 on Monday, forcing several exchange offices to close in anticipation of any violent reactions. Local media reported that one of the exchange offices in Dahra neighborhood came under a drive-by shooting.