Gunmen ransacked Al-Zawiya power plant Tuesday dawn after they had looted most of the equipment inside it, the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) has reported.

"That was an irresponsible and criminal act." The GECOL said in a statement.

The gunmen were armed as they entered the power plant and started robbing the workers' cell phones after they had brought down the fence and stolen a GECOL's car that was parked around the plant operations room, the statement reported.

"We decry the assault on the workers in the power plant and the terrifying of the secure workers. We demand the security authorities to take the needed measure to protect the workers and the properties of the GECOL and the Libyan people." The statement reads.

"We are sorry to see that the workers are feeling down as this assault could make them provide less to GECOL and thus to the Libyans." GECOL explained.

Two months ago, GECOL reported an assault on one of the power plants in Al-Zawiya by gunmen, who were also reported to have stolen equipment from the plant.