Haftar armed groups attack Al-Bayda anti- IS/Daesh brigade

Haftar armed groups attack Al-Bayda anti- IS/Daesh brigade

September 28, 2015 - 14:48
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Armed groups affiliated with rogue General Khalifa Haftar stormed on Monday the headquarters of Ali Hassan Al-Jaber brigade in Al-Bayda aiming at plundering weapons and ammunition therein. 

Sources from the city said that pro-Haftar armed groups, formed of military intelligence and Al-Bayda interior security as well as brigades from Al-Marij city, raided Ali Hassan Al-Jaber brigade earlier in the morning and got full control of it. Yet, they have not put their hands on any of its military vehicles nor its ammunition.

“The Chief Commander appointed by Tobruk dissolved parliament, Abdurazzak Al-Nadori, also called, days ago, on the security departments in Al-Bayda to carry out a raid on the brigade and disarm it as it decided to go to Derna to fight Daesh (IS).” Added the sources.

One of the brigade’s fighters, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that most of the weapons and ammunition were sent to Derna, where the brigade’s fighters are engaged in fighting Daesh (IS) led by Colonel, Mohammed Abu Ghafayar. He also said that breaking into the brigade’s headquarters is indicative of an assistance given to Daesh (IS) to help them escape the siege imposed by the revolutionaries against them. 

Reports say that Haftar has issued an order to arrest Colonel Abu Ghafayar considering him acting outside legitimacy and an ally of terrorism because he joined Derna revolutionaries. 

Meanwhile, Ali Hassan Al-Jaber and revolutionaries from Tobruk have recently joined Derna Shura Council in its fight against Daesh (IS) in Al-Fatayeh district. 

Moreover, observers say that this step by Haftar intends to assist and loosen things up for Daesh in Al-Fatayeh as well as to cut ammunition supplies of Col. Abu Ghafayar as Derna and Al-Bayda revolutionaries are encircling Daesh (IS) militants in Al-Fatayeh.

Last week, a new coalition against Daesh between Derna Shura Council, Tobruk revolutionary fighters and Al-Bayda's Ali Hassan Al-Jaber brigade, led by Colonel Mohammed Abu Ghafayar, was formed.

Colonel Abu Ghafayar joined Dignity in May 2014 but later he disbanded the operation.

Al-Bayda revolutionaries have recently turned against Khalifa Hafter and expressed, in a public statement, their rejection to the military dictatorship and formation of military councils, which Haftar aims to have one to rule Libya.