The Intelligence and Information Unit of the Operations Command of the Libyan Army has detected columns of armed forces moving towards Al-Jufra district from the east, said the Libyan Army Spokesman, Colonel Mohammad Gununu, confirming that the forces are stationing in three schools in Hun town.

The media office of the Volcano of Rage Operation quoted Gununu as saying that the new forces include fighters from the Janjaweed, the Wagner Group, Syrians, and Yemenis.

"There were 112 armed vehicles in addition to ammunition trucks and other logistical support," Gununu explains.

Haftar's militias have mobilized hundreds of Chadian mercenaries and Janjaweed in a training camp in Zillah town, in addition to setting up checkpoints along the road from eastern Sirte to Al-Jufra and even south of Sabha, according to Gununu.

The Libyan Army has observed around 70 armed vehicles and ammunition trucks for the Janjaweed mercenaries stationed in Sirte during the last hours, said Gununu.

"Orders were given to all ground and air units to be on alert, and keep their hands on the trigger, in case of any violation or attack," Gununu stated.