The district of Al-Fatayeh in eastern Derna city - Libya's eastern region - woke up Thursday morning on out-loud sounds of bombing by Khalifa Haftar's fighter aircraft.

The aircraft targeted the district in eastern Derna causing material damage only.

According to eastern sources, today's air-attack has been the fourth this week.

MiG21 of Omar Al-Mukhtar operations room of Dignity Operation bombarded the district bringing down a house and damaging others.

Today- April 20 - coincides with the first anniversary for the defeat of IS militants by Derna Shura Council fighters and the liberation of Derna from the terrorist groups.

The city is celebrating the incident as a sign of pride in their city fighters and revolutionaries.

Omar Al-Mukhtar operations room urged the residents to get out of their district in preparation for a military campaign they want launch, similar to that launched in Benghazi by Dignity Operation in May 2014.