The French news website, Intelligence Online, has revealed that Khalifa Haftar’s forces have signed a contract to acquire six Chinese CH-4 drones from the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF).

Intelligence Online said in a report on Sunday that the Royal Jordanian Air Force has been looking to offload its drones for months and after examining several options, a number of contracts have been signed with eastern Libyan authorities over the past few weeks.

It added that Jordanian engineers dislike the drones because of their heavy maintenance requirements and limited capacity, saying these issues apparently do not concern the Libyans (Haftar's forces), who have a lot of assistance from Russian technicians.

The report added that Haftar had been receiving technical help from Russia and financial backing from the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile on last Friday, Intelligence Online said the UAE had provided Haftar's forces with 3000 tons of military equipment in a matter of two weeks.

Last December, the UN panel of experts’ report said Jordan, along with the UAE, was the main military supporter for Haftar, especially in his war on Tripoli. The UN report said Jordan had provided Haftar with armored vehicles used by Al-Kanyat militias in Tarhouna on the southern Tripoli frontlines.