The spokesman for the self-styled army of Khalifa Haftar in east Libya Ahmed Al-Mismari said Monday that Haftar decided to hand control of oil terminals to the parallel National Oil Corporation (NOC) in east Libya of the Interim Government.

This decision comes four days after regaining control of the terminals from forces led by former chief of Petroleum Facilities Guard Ibrahim Jodran.

Al-Mismari said in a presser that the decision also entails that no parties are allowed to enter the oil crescent region unless they obtain clearance from the east-based NOC Chairman Faraj Al-Hassi.

He added that the decision is to ban what he called “terrorists” who are receiving salaries from the oil revenue via Tripoli’s Central Bank of Libya, saying this step would resolve financial problems in Libya.

“NOC in Tripoli is ignoring the eastern forces which are securing the oil crescent after they lost about 200 of personnel due to attacks. While the eastern NOC will ensure that the contracts signed with international firms will be safe” Al-Mismari added, telling Haftar’s forces in the oil region not to deal with any oil vessels that are not approved by the Interim Government and Benghazi-based NOC.

During the period of Jodran’s control on the oil ports, the parallel NOC tried to sell oil amid international rejection with the legitimate NOC in Tripoli considering the move “piracy of Libyans’ resources.”