The pilots who are conducting airstrikes in support for the rogue General Khalifa Haftar and are taking off from Kharuba airbase near Al-Marij city are private military contractors that have been hired as mercenaries by Haftar, reported War is Boring website.

 “On January 11, 2017, Intelligence Online - a professional journal covering the world’s intelligence services - revealed that the pilots of Air Tractor attack planes flying from Al Khadim air base in Libya are private contractors working for Erik Prince, the founder of the company formerly known as Blackwater.” War is Boring wrote on Saturday.

The website added that its sources in Libya had confirmed the information and said that the pilots flying the United Arab Emirates Air Force IOMAX AT-802 Air Tractors — converted crop-dusters — are mercenaries and aren’t Arabs.

“Most of the for-profit aviators are American, according to IOL. Prince denied involvement in the UAE air operations.” War is Boring indicated.

This new intelligence report is a blindingly obvious revelation of the truth behind the true identity of the pilots Haftar is using in his war on Benghazi, which has been under day-to-day destruction by Dignity Operation forces since May 2014.

Several news reports have disclosed over the last two years the involvement of American, French, EU and Egyptian pilots among the Haftar-led forces in eastern Libya.