Haftar-led arrest squad loses key leader in Ajdabiya

Haftar-led arrest squad loses key leader in Ajdabiya

March 15, 2017 - 16:25
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The infamous Arrest and Investigation Squad of Khalifa Haftar's so-called general command, which is led by Ahmed Gharor, was ambushed in Ajdabiya city on Tuesday, sources from the city reported.

According to the sources, Ahmed Gharor was killed among other fighters from the squad by the ambush.

The squad is infamous for many killings, torture, and kidnaps in eastern Libya, and Ahmed Gharor himself was regarded a staunch follower for Haftar.

"Abdelati Al-Dali and Khair Allah Buhamza were also killed in the ambush while they were conducting an abduction in Ajdabiya city." The sources explained, adding that, "this is the truth not as the pro-Haftar media said that they were killed in Ras Lanuf clashes because Gharor and his squad are only tasked with kidnaps and investigations not fighting on the frontlines."

However, conflicting news were reported regarding the fate of the chief of the security patrols in Marij city, Wahbi Al-Rakh, who was with the squad when the ambush took place leading to the killing of Gharor and the others.

Gharor along with Al-Rakh and Al-Buaishi Al-Furjani were leading raids on Ajdabiya and Brega cities in which they abducted many persons including old people and children, let alone that Gharor is involved in abducting, torturing and killing hundreds of eastern residents.

It is also known that Gharor, who is a Madkhali-Salafist, is a loyalist for Haftar and that is why he is always picked by Haftar for critical operations, the latest of which was storming into Faraj Al-Barasi's, who was a leader at Haftar-led Operation Dignity, farm and trying to arrest him two times in a single week.