The brother of the detained deputy interior minister of the Presidential Council's government, Faraj Egaiem - Munir - said his sibling could be released Sunday.

The deputy interior minister was detained by the commander of the self-proclaimed army in eastern Libya Khalifa Haftar in November 2017. He was placed in Rajma.

Munir said on Facebook that they held a meeting and it resulted in an agreement to release Faraj Egaiem on Sunday.

According to several news outlets in Libya, Egaiem was scheduled to be freed Saturday, but the release was pushed a day further due to some complications.

The deputy interior minister was detained by a brigade commanded by Haftar's son. He was busted in Bersis, where he comes from, after he had threatened to take on Haftar whom he accused of targeting him with an assassination attempt on November 05, 2017.

The Presidential Council appointed Egaiem as deputy interior minister in Benghazi, which did not go so well with Haftar and his entourage, who immediately called Egaiem treacherous.

He was one of the senior leaders of tribal militias under the umbrella of Haftar's Dignity Operation that was launched in Benghazi in May 2014. He was given a military rank as a commander of the east-based Anti-Terrorism Department.

He later defected from Haftar's operation to take the Presidential Council's offer as a deputy interior minister.