Social media users poked fun at the spokesperson of warlord Khalifa Haftar after claiming that “the status of our military command has become equivalent to Washington and Moscow.”

Speaking to a group of tribesmen, Ahmed Al-Mismari said in a video posted online “the world has changed; it has become fascinated with the Swift Lightening Operation.”

The so-called “Swift Lightening Operation” is the military attack conducted by Dignity Operation on the oil crescent in September 2016 which saw the defeat of Ibrahim Jadhran groups.

“Blocs, international organizations and nations have started to flock to Rajma, which is now as powerful as Washington and Moscow.” He said, while his audience was clapping.

The date of the video is unknown.

Rajma is a town in eastern Benghazi where so-called the General Command of Dignity Operation is located.

Meanwhile, Al-Mismari accused the Governor of Central Bank of Libya Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir of corruption, claiming in his weekly presser on Wednesday that Al-Kabir had given Ibrahim Jadhran LYD 11 million dinars to attack the oil crescent.

“Jadhran gave LYD 30.000 dinars to each attacker on the oil crescent.” He said.