After being ousted from a string of towns west of Tripoli Haftar's militias turned their rage on civilians in the capital. The rocket attacks on Friday caused at least 23 casualties between those dead and wounded.

According to the Ambulance and Emergency Service, one person was killed and 11 others were injured, as two shells hit a house on Friday morning. The house was located in the Karimiya area, one of the backbones of wholesale trade in Libya.

Souq Al-Jumaa area was also hit hard on Friday and explosions could be heard all day. the media advisor to the Ministry of Health, Amin Al Hashemi, confirmed in a press statement that at least one person was killed and 5 others injured, two of them said to be in a critical condition.

In addition, five people were injured when a shell fired by Haftar's militias hit homes in the Al-Hadaba Badri area.

Sources said that the ambulance crews evacuated the "Royal Clinic" in the Al-Furak neighborhood, as rockets fell in the area, killing 16-year-old Abdul Ghaffar Ayyad and wounding his brother Adam 12 years old and his sister Ghanna 8 years, in addition to another woman in her forties.

The university campus in the Al-Farnaj area was also a target. Rockets fell near the premises which currently houses displaced families, resulting in the injury of one person, according to the Ambulance and Emergency Service.