Dignity Operation forces shut down once again all the land entrances and exits leading toward Derna in eastern Libya after Derna Shura Council had shot down fighter aircraft for them killing its pilot, Adel Al-Jihani and detaining the copilot.

The forces announced earlier closing the roads for two days and then extended it to keep residents stuck in the middle, with some cannot enter the city and others cannot leave.

Several people, who were going to Derna, had to walk through the sand barriers and then reach to the security checkpoints, where they found their recipients waiting for them.

Meanwhile, Dignity Operation brigades announced a high alert and military mobilization in preparation of land-attacking Derna after the city's Shura Council had assaulted their positions in southern areas killing 5 and injuring of 10 fighters.

Dignity Operation has been besieging Derna for over a year banning all basic needs to enter the city including fuel and medicines.

Whereas, the commander of Omar Al-Mukhtar Operations Room, Salem Al-Rafadi, that is besieging Derna threatened days ago to close all roads and ban all services and basic needs from the city if the residents remained passive to the Derna Shura Council's deeds.

Al-Rafadi had a car accident on Monday and his loyalists said it could be staged by Dignity Operation general command as he was accused of negligence and of being a cause for the attack on three locations in Derna.