Khalifa Haftar's forces have conducted attacks under a drone cover on Ghout Al-Reeh town between Gharyan and Al-Urban, which is one of Haftar's latest footholds in western Libya.

A convoy of about 70 military vehicles headed to Ghout Al-Reeh from which the Government of National Accord forces withdrew after UAE drone strikes, said sources from Al-Urban town, adding that Haftar's forces then advanced on Al-Asaba and entered without fighting.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Gharyan Protection Force Motaz Shanbar told Libya Alahrar TV that Haftar's attack on Gharyan was facilitated by UAE drones, saying GNA forces pulled out from Al-Asaba town to Kikla.

In the meantime, the spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu said Libyan Air Force warplanes have targeted three military vehicles in the vicinity of Al-Asaba town, with other strikes hitting Al-Urban and Ghout Al-Reeh.

Gununu said Monday that orders had been given to the Libyan Army forces to eliminate the rebel militias and end their presence without any mercy, adding that the GNA's policy is to start with political and social solutions and if they failed, it resorts to using force after all peaceful solutions are finished.

A commander at the Volcano of Rage Operation said the attacks of Haftar's forces at this time aims to pull out forces laying siege to Tripoli International Airport and Qasir Benghashir and send them far from south Tripoli, adding that Haftar's forces aim to reinforce their defense lines in those frontlines as they are about to collapse.

The source said the forces sent to Al-Asaba town haven't been withdrawn from southern Tripoli frontlines but are army units in Gharyan and Al-Zawiya.