A video posted by the military media office of Khalifa Haftar's forces showed the commander of Haftra's general command Abdelsalam Al-Hassi at Sharara oilfield after the announcement of controlling the field days ago.

The military media office added that Al-Hassi toured the field and followed up on the reopening process.

Earlier, local sources reported days ago that there had been talks with the Twareq tribe's force positioned at Sharara oilfield to join the Sabha military zone forces led by commander Ali Kanna who was appointed by the Presidential Council.

Meanwhile, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) was urged by Haftar's forces to lift the force majeure at Sharara oilfield and resume oil production.

The NOC said that it was not officially informed by the oilfield's administration that the field was ready for resumption of operations and that it was secure, calling for lifting the no-fly zone that was imposed by Haftar's forces in the southern region so the workers can return to the area.

In the meantime, Haftra's forces command in southern Libya said it had resumed flights in the region after ten days of a no-fly zone.

The commander of Sabha forces for Haftra's self-styled army said they were told to resume civilian flights and that they should be supervising the airport and its security apparatuses.

In the meantime, the director of Tamnihinit airport in Sabha Hamza Essa said the airport is now working normally for incoming and outgoing flights.