Khalifa Haftar's forces have carried out artillery shelling on different densely populated civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli causing several casualties and damages to people's properties.

The attacks started Tuesday night and continued to Wednesday, hitting civilian areas in Assaba, Bab Benghashir, Ras Hassan, Tariq Al-Soor, Abu Salim and Al-Hadba neighborhoods in Tripoli.

The spokesman for the emergency and ambulance apparatus Osama Ali said two people had been injured and sent to Tripoli Central Hospital, adding that a separate shell had fallen on a house in Al-Gergeni causing damage and injuries.

Meanwhile, the media adviser of the Libyan Health Ministry Ameen Al-Hashimi said four people, including two Tunisian nationals, were injured in Assaba on Wednesday, while four others, including a child, were injured as a rocket had fallen o their house.

According to sources, the main target of the attack on Tariq Al-Soor was the building of Libyan Post and Ministry of Telecommunication.

The sources added that the shelling on Assaba set a massive contraction factory building at the Industrial Neighborhood on fire. Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation's media office said the main target in the area was Emergency and Ambulance Apparatus building.