Libyan Crime Watch organization said on Sunday that an activist in Benghazi was arrested a week ago by Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade, which is led by one of the sons of Khalifa Haftar, adding that "after he was called for investigation, he was detained in an unknown location before he had lost contact with his family."

"Activist Maher Hamad Al-Gharyani was previously arrested by the same Brigade on April 7, before he was released a week later." Crime Watch said, adding that he was arrested this time for criticizing the reconstruction committee on social media, following the campaign to demolish buildings and houses, and forcible evictions."

The organization confirmed that what the city of Benghazi is witnessing in terms of "the continuation of the forced eviction campaign since the beginning of April, as the authorities remove buildings and houses and forcibly evict people" is a measure that "contradicts human rights, as residents lose their homes and properties without suitable compensation."

The organization condemned "the continued targeting of civil society activists and arbitrary arrests," holding the authorities in eastern Libya "responsible for the safety Al-Gharyani and all the forcefully-disappeared activists," and calling for "the disclosure of their fate and their unconditional release."