Libya Al-Ahrar TV Channel said two of its journalists were kidnapped by an armed group loyal to Khalifa Haftar as they were covering the ongoing war in Tripoli.

The channel urged for the immediate release of the two journalists Mohammed Al-Qurij and Mohammed Al-Shebani, reminding the kidnappers that detaining journalists is liable to local and international legal actions.

The channel also said it had started taking the necessary measures as per the local and international standards to secure the release of the journalists.

Meanwhile, the UNSMIL said journalists in Libya are facing threats and assaults as they pursue truths and freedom of speech, saying the latest was the kidnap of Libya Al-Ahrar TV journalists.

"All journalists must be protected like all the civilians in the country. We condemn violence against journalists and call for the end of arbitrary detention." UNSMIL added.

Sources told The Libya Observer that the two journalists were kidnapped as they were moving from Al-Aziziya to Sabea area in southern Tripoli. Later, one of the kidnappers called the families of the journalists and said would release them Friday after taking them from Tarhouna-based Al-Kani militia, but the release did not happen.

This incident was also condemned by the Libyan Foreign Ministry, which called for the release of the journalists whom it said were doing their job to cover facts and show them to the public.

Likewise, Reporters without Borders denounced the kidnapping and called for the release of the journalists, condemning their detention by 'Al-Kanyat militias of Khalifa Haftar's forces' saying they were held in Tarhouna where Haftar's forces operations room is located.

"The armed forces should respect international laws and avoid targeting media outlets and journalists, who should be released immediately." Head of RSF's North Africa Office Suhaib Al-Khayati said.