The spokesman for Libyan Sirte-Jufra Protection and Security Operations Room Abdelhadi Drah said Khalifa Haftar’s forces had shot dead a woman in the head, saying the woman was from Sabah city.

Sources from Houn said Haftar's forces had killed over the last days three young men whose bodies - with marks of torture - were found by locals. The men were lately arrested without legal charges, while another man was killed in front of his house by pro-Haftar gunmen.

Protesters took to streets in Houn to protest killings and torture by Haftar's foeces in the town.

Libyan Crimes Watch said Pro-Haftar Brigade 128 kidnapped Thursday a man named Emad Ejtilawi, aged 28, from Houn and informed his family on Friday that he died of torture, adding that the body of a man aged 30 and named Tariq Abdelhafid was found in front of Afiya Hospital in Houn with marks of torture after being kidnapped by Brigade 128.

Libyan Crimes Watch condemned human rights violations and extrajudicial killings as well as abductions by Haftar's forces, saying they are violations of international humanitarian law, blaming Haftar and his forces for the crimes and calling for criminals to be brought to justice.

Libyan Crimes Watch called on the fact-finding committee that has been formed by the UN Human Rights Council to probe Houn's violations.