Violent clashes broke out on Wednesday morning in Murzuq town in southern Libya causing several deaths and injuries, sources reported.

According to the sources, clashes started as Khalifa Haftar's self-styled army forces started withdrawing late on Tuesday heading to Sabha.

According to Murzuq municipal member Mohammed Omar, four Tubu tribesmen were killed and three others were injured in Deesa area after being shot at by an unknown group on Tuesday.

He told reporters that discontent was on the rise in Murzuq after that incident and elders were trying to calm things down, especially after the vacuum left by the surprising withdrawal of Haftar's forces.

In addition to Murzuq, Haftar's forces withdrew from Al-Gatroon area, according to sources, adding that they went also to Sabha but it's unknown where they will be positioned eventually.

Military media office of Haftar's command said on Tuesday they had sent military backup to "the place the military command has specified earlier," without naming the place.

A source close to Sirte Protection Force said they had depicted huge military convoys for Haftar's forces in southern Sirte heading to Al-Jufra and Bani Walid, adding that the force personnel and military might is on alert and that Sirte is fully under control.

The source added that military backup arrived also in Sirte - 100 vehicles and 30 tanks - in addition to other 100 vehicles from different brigades that had been sent to Sirte.

Meanwhile, a military source from Misrata airbase said warplanes have been doing surveillance above Sirte since Wednesday morning to depict any dubious movements around Misrata.