Khalifa Haftar's forces have shut Essen border with Algeria in southern Libya, announcing the area a military zone, while pro-Haftar TV channels posted photos for deployed Haftar's forces and vehicles on the border.

Haftar's forces launched Thursday a military operation into the south to "track down takfiri terrorists", saying in a statement that infantry units were deployed to support southwest liberation room at the strategic southern region.

The commander of Sabha military zone under the Government of National Unity, Ahmed Al-Ataybi, confirmed that about 300 armed vehicles positioned in Tamnahent air base, without further details.

Haftar's military threats to Algeria aren't new. In September 2018, he said in a televised meeting that he would go to war with Algeria if it continued to "violate the sovereignty of Libya's territories," claiming that 'Whenever the Algerians find a chance, they enter Libyan territories."

In response to the military movements by Haftar, who is acting solo disregarding the Government of National Unity and Presidential Council orders, the latter, as the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army, issued an order prohibiting the repositioning of military units or military movement under any circumstances.

"If there was a need to move military convoys and soldiers, the permission and order of the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army are mandatory." The order, which takes an aim at Haftar's south Libya move, reads.

The Presidential Council's order didn't mention who specifically issued it, with speculations running free. Was it the Head, Mohammed Menfi, deputy Mossa Al-Koni or deputy Abdullah Al-Lafi, who was the only one vocal about rejecting Haftar's military movements.