After incidents of looting, robberies and kidnappings and storming of houses were recorded done by forces under Khalifa Haftar's command in Sabha, southern Libya, several tribesmen and elders in the city had issued a statement rejecting the presence of those force.

The elders and tribesmen in Sabha called in the televised statement on Friday for the release of the kidnapped and the return of the robbed and looted belongings of the residents, adding that they should apologize for the assaulted family in their house.

"The Presidential Council, Attorney General, and international organizations should interfere to save the fabric of the society in the city. In addition, the command of the forces in southern Libya and Sabha should explain under whose command the brigades, which did all the crimes in the city, are." The statement explained.

Social media circulated footage showing the house of Abdelmajid Othman Madi from Sabha being assaulted, meanwhile; Haftar's forces has reportedly begun arrest campaigns of opponents and opposition to Haftar in Sabha.

The house and family of Madi, who is a member of "Libya Tribes Council," were attacked and the family members were verbally assaulted, let alone robbing their belongings.

Madi is a Gaddafi loyalist, and he appeared before in video rejecting the entry of Haftar and his forces to the south.