The Air Force of Khalifa Haftar's forces said it had carried out airstrikes on Misrata's air college early on Tuesday, hitting a military cargo plane laden with ammunition.

The claims of Haftar's forces were debunked by Volcano of Rage Operation's media sources saying the strike destroyed a civilian plane that was landing at the Misrata Airport near the air college.

The sources added that the strike was carried out by a drone that hit the civilian cargo plane minutes after it had touched down.

This is the second time Haftar's forces strike Misrata's air college, which is critical for the Presidential Council's commanded Libyan Army in the defense against Haftar's war on Tripoli.

Responding to the strike by Haftar's forces, the Libyan Army raided Al-Jufra airbase, where Haftar's forces are based using it for ammunition and mercenaries' transfers to southern Tripoli frontlines.

On Monday, Haftar's warplanes hit Murzuq town in southern Libya killing 43 people and injuring over 60 others who were in a gathering for Tubu tribespeople.

The airstrike was condemned by local and international entities and rendered as an incident that amounts to a war crime and crime against humanity.