Khalifa Haftar's forces carried out artillery shelling using over 80 rockets on Saturday morning against Mitiga Airport in Tripoli and surrounding areas of Soqu Al-Jumua and Bab Benghashir.

According to Volcano of Rage Operation, Haftar forces' rocket attacks on Mitiga Airport led to a massive damage scale, leaving two Airbus planes damaged and out of service after being hit by shrapnel.

"One plane (Airbus 320) was preparing for takeoff to Spain to evacuate Libyans stranded in there due to Coronavirus outbreak." The operation said on Facebook.

Haftar's shelling on Mitiga Airport also set ablaze jet fuel tanks, destroyed firefighters' vehicles, damaged the runway and the passengers' lounge, according to the operation.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Health Ministry said two people had been killed and several others injured in the shelling of Haftar's forces on Mitiga Airport and surrounding neighborhoods.

The attack comes two days after the announcement of Ababil Birds Operation by Haftar's forces, vowing to rain down rockets on Tripoli and destroy its infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Mitiga Airport attack also came after a rocket attack on Zawiyet Al-Dahmani on Thursday night, near the residence of Italian ambassador Giuseppe Buccino and the Turkish embassy on Shatt Road, a move that was condemned by the international community, UNSMIL, Italy and Turkey as well.