Khalifa Haftar's warplanes carried out Friday airstrikes on Zuwara Airport for the second day in a row causing one injury of a national safety worker and material damage to the national safety authority's building inside the airport.

Meanwhile, a delegation from the UNSMIL visited Saturday morning Zuwara Airport and made sure there was no military presence inside it.

The municipality of Zuwara denied also any military presence at the airport and called on the UNSMIL to take measures to secure and protect the civilian facilities and airport workers.

Volcano of Rage Operation said that Haftar's warplanes raided a heavily populated area in Zuwara on Saturday, causing the civilians to panic and damaging several houses.

Haftar's warplanes carried out other airstrikes on Libyan Army forces in eastern and western Gharyan checkpoints killing one fighter and injuring another from Gharyan Security Force.

Observers believe that intensified air attacks by Haftar's forces on Gharyan and Sabea as well as Al-Aziziya may signal preparations for a military operation to retake Gharyan after they lost in late June since the city is considered a huge loss for Haftar in his quest to enter Tripoli and seize power.