Warplanes affiliated with Khalifa Haftar's Air Force have struck military positions for Sirte Protection Force (SPF) inside Sirte, the media office of the force said, adding that there could be some sort of cooperation between Haftar's forces and ISIS militants who have been for the last few days trying to infiltrate into the region but failed due to the operations of the SPF.

The media office added that the strikes might have been carried out by foreign warplanes.

According to the spokesman for the SPF, Taha Hadid, two people were killed and 11 others were injured in three airstrikes on the SPF positions on Monday.

Sources said the airstrikes might be a retaliation for the SPF success in foiling infiltrations by Gaddafi-loyal; also loyal to Haftar, sleeper cells into Sirte - knowing that the SPF arrested a number of the sleeper cells' members last Thursday.

Haftar's airstrikes also come after painful airstrikes by Libyan Army's Air Force on his forces at Al-Jufra airbase and Tarhouna, because of which the commander of 9th Brigade Abdelwahhab Al-Migri and militia leader Mohsen Al-Kani along with 6 foreigners were killed.

SPF condemned Sunday the drone attacks of foreign backers of Haftar on its positions.

It said the strikes hindered the its personnel's efforts in foiling attacks and movements by ISIS, which raises questions about whether or not there is cooperation between Haftar and ISIS in their movements around Sirte.