Khalifa Haftar's warplanes continue to strike residential areas in south and east Tripoli without targeting military locations as foreign drones backing up Haftar's forces strike Mitiga Airport for the fourth day in a row.

Sources from Volcano of Rage Operation said Mig 21 for Haftar's forces hit a storage for Jarma Company in Tajoura but caused only material damage, while another strike hit a residential area in Al-Karaymiya, injuring a family.

The Libya Observer has not verified any information about the number and type of casualties due to the airstrikes.

The sources added that another airstrike hit April 7 Camp in Al-Sawani in southern Tripoli but caused no damages.

Volcano of Rage Operation confirmed on Tuesday that Haftar's UAE-supplied drones targeted Mitiga Airport in Tripoli for the fourth consecutive day, saying it is a desperate attempt by Haftar's forces to make up for their losses on frontlines.