Khalifa Haftar's forces have announced "Zero Hour" to launch an all-out offensive on Tripoli and try once again to enter the capital, but the forces have been met with fierce defense by the Libyan Army forces under the command of Presidential Council's government.

Frontlines saw the "Zero Hour" clashes start at 9.00am in the morning on Monday with Haftar's forces attacking - with air cover - Libyan Army positions on four frontlines, concentrating on Khallit Al-Furjan since it's the closest to Tripoli's city center.

"We have foiled the attack of Haftar's forces and gained advanced positions in certain frontlines as our Air Force had carried out airstrikes on the attacking forces, causing them heavy losses." Libyan Army and Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) operation said.

They said three military vehicles were destroyed as Libyan Air Force targeted two tanks on Al-Naher frontline, let alone seizing two military vehicles and capturing 11 mercenaries fighting for Haftar's forces.

Uneasy calm has descended on fighting frontlines after the Zero Hour offensive was repelled, while Haftar's media outlets said the general command put off the Zero Hour offensive due to a malfunction in the communications system.

For over a week, the Zero Hour has been the talk of all Haftar's forces, including his spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari, who said in a presser that their plan included protecting state institutions and diplomatic missions in Tripoli.

The spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu commented on Al-Mismari's statement saying; "it is just a media propaganda that aims at putting down Libyan Army forces' morale."

Before the Zero Hour, Haftar appointed on Sunday Mabrouk Al-Ghazwi as the commander of Tripoli offensive in place of Abdelsalam Al-Hassi, who is said to be detained in Rajma.