The High Council of State Head, Khaled Al-Mashri, expressed concern over going to a presidential election without a constitution regulating the country's affairs.

Al-Mishri reaffirmed at a dialogue meeting that grouped journalists, bloggers, and activists in Tripoli that the HCS rejects having dual nationals and military personnel running for elections.

Regarding the legitimacy of the House of Representatives, Al-Mishri considered the Tobruk-based Parliament a political party and not a legislative body.

Al-Mishri sees the HoR as a dissolved body that had no legitimacy before the Skhirat Agreement, saying that it is currently "hijacked" by external powers.

He underlined that all countries turned a blind eye to Khalifa Haftar's aggression against Tripoli, except for Turkey and Qatar, while Germany took a neutral position, emphasizing that without Turkish support, Libya would not have reached the stage of talking about elections.