The High Council of State Head (HCS) Khaled Al-Mishri on Wednesday said that the parliament's decision to appoint a new prime minister was incorrect.

"The House of Representatives move to take such a decision before holding an official session of the HCS to decide on this matter does not help in building bridges of confidence between the two Houses," Al-Mishri said in a statement published on the council's Facebook account.

In a related development, the east-based HoR issued Tuesday Resolution No. (1) of 2022, which stipulates the assignment of Fathi Bashagha as prime minister of the Libyan government.

The step comes just days after the Parliaments' vote to appoint Bashgha as the head of a parallel government, arguing that the mandate of the interim government (GNU) had expired on Dec. 24. However, Dbibah has pledged he would "accept no new transitional phase, or parallel authority," and would hand over power only to an elected government.