Members from the High Council of State are considering filing a complaint with the Attorney General after finding their names listed in a statement supporting the recent moves of Parliament to appoint a new prime minister and extend the mandate of the existing legislative bodies, HCS member Naima Al-Hami has said.

A statement signed by around 70 HCS members in which they showed support for the Parliament's actions has been making rounds on the internet, but some of those who had their names written down refuted that they signed such a statement or were informed of the step.

"Our objection was on the procedural irregularities and not on the names," Al-Hami said in press statements.

Meanwhile, former HCS head Abd al-Rahman al-Swehli, took to Twitter to voice his support for the HCS members rejecting the “tampering of Aqila-al-Mashri,” describing the statement released in this regard as forged.

In a related context, HCS member Al-Hami said in previous statements to The Libya Observer that she submitted an official request to investigate the recommendation letter issued by the Council for prime minister candidates, confirming that she and many of her colleagues found out about the issue from the media.