The High Council of State (HCS) has postponed Tuesday’s session, which was to discuss the constitutional amendment referred by the House of Representatives, to next Thursday.

HCS members requested Monday more time to consider the amendment, forcing the HCS Presidency to defer the session to next Thursday.

Earlier, 20 HCS members issued a joint statement confirming their intention to boycott the postponed session of the HCS to finalize the discussion of the constitutional amendment.

The joint statement indicated that suspending the session for two consecutive times violates HCS Rules of Procedure, warning against any attempt to pass the amendment by a simple majority and in rush, and that such an action will lead to an appeal before the Constitutional Chamber, which could constitute an additional obstacle in the course of the elections.

In addition to the 13th Constitutional Amendment, HCS next session will discuss, the road map, how the legislative and executive institutions are to function until elections are held, and any other arising issues within the HCS.