Rapporteur of the High Council of State Belkasem Dabris said Thursday that the session in which the HCS voted on the 13th constitutional amendment was legally invalid.

Dabris added in a statement that the quorum for the session was not achieved. Thus, the vote is considered null and void.

"The High Council of State’s vote on the 13th amendment is meaningless, because the House of Representatives already published it in the Official Gazette bypassing the HCS." He explained.

Dabris went on to say, "According to HCS’ rules of procedure, the session should realize its quorum two hours before the time set for the meeting, and the time set in the announcement of Thursday’s session was at 11 am," pointing out that “until one o'clock in the afternoon, the number was only 61, that is, no quorum of 68 members was achieved.”

The rapporteur added that despite the lack of a quorum, the head of HCS, Khaled Al-Mishri, proceeded with the session, which witnessed the vote of 53 members of those present out of the total number, pointing out that this was in violation of HCS rules of procedure.

HCS’ media office announced Thursday approval of the majority of HCS members of the 13th constitutional amendment in a plenary session.

The 13th amendment relates to the components of the legislative authority and its competencies, defining the powers of head of state and ministers. It also states that the seat of the 60-member National Assembly is in the capital, Tripoli, while the seat of the House of Representatives will be in the city of Benghazi, and it comprises 200 members who are elected based on population density.