The High Council of State has re-elected its current president, Khaled Al-Mashri, as president for the 5th term in office, after obtaining 65 out of 115 votes of the Council members who participated in the second round of voting.

Al-Mashri won by getting 65 votes, while his rival, Al-Ajili Abusdail, got only 50 votes, after both qualified for the second round, as they obtained the highest number of votes and the withdrawal of the other two candidates, Abdul Salam Al-Safrani and Fathallah Al-Sariri.

The voting session was attended by 118 members, but only 115 casted their votes, with 3 abstentions.

This is the 7th round of elections for the Presidency of the High Council of State, and the term of office of members of the Presidential Office is one year, starting from the date of their election.

Council member Naji Mukhtar won the position of first deputy speaker representing the southern region, while member Omar Bushah won the position of second deputy representing the eastern region.