The head of the Cyrenaica Society, Abdel Hamid Al-Kazah, has called on the residents of Cyrenaica province to resist the "tyranny and arrogance" of Khalifa Haftar.

In a statement, Al-Kazah said Hafatr changed the face of Cyrenaica in all respects. "He filled the region with non-Libyan nationals and forged national numbers in collusion with criminals and weak-spirited people in the civil status department."

"His talk of building three cities around Benghazi to house 12 million people is not just a matter of words; it is a plan he implements with his sons backed by several countries."

He cautioned that the region is in imminent danger that requires an uprising, "and nothing but an uprising," as he put it.

In his statement, Al-Kazah referred to Haftar's practices as violations, including embezzling public funds and the killing and disappearance of his opponents, such as MP Siham Sergewa, Hanan Al-Barasi, Abrik Al-Lawati, and many others.

"Haftar brought in Mercenaries from everywhere to backup his offense on Tripoli before he was defeated on the capital's walls."

He also accused the House of Representatives and its president, Aqila Saleh, of "failing and deceiving the people of Cyrenaica" and using them as a systematic tool of war, saying that the approach must now be focused on overthrowing Haftar and those who support him to save the region.