The Head of the east-based Interim Government Abdullah Al-Thini has put the spotlight on the hegemonic power of the Military Investment Authority of Khalifa Haftar and its devastating influence on the government authorities in eastern Libya.

In a TV interview, Al-Thini said the Military Investment Authority, which was established without legal procedures or approval by the Interim Government, had been given a free pass to do whatever it pleases, going as far as acting as a government ministry or body without even coordinating with the concerned authorities.

He indicated that the Military Investment Authority is getting 500 dollars for every foreign worker arriving in Libya through the eastern region, explaining that such a behavior is a violation of the Ministry of Labor regulations.

Al-Thini remarked that many of the state incomes are finding their way to the Military Investment Authority, which - he said - took over industrial and agricultural projects like those in Kufra and southern Libya without even consulting with the government's ministries.

"The corrupting is also linked to the Libyan National Army forces (Haftar's forces) as the government was surprised to see the tens of vehicles given to them and to the police on Sabha and other southern region's areas end up sold in Chad and Niger." Al-Thini disclosed.

The notorious Military Investment Authority has been established by an order from Haftar, who appointed his staunch follower Al-Madani Al-Fakhri as its chairman.

The chairman, with the help of Haftar's sons, made lots of violations including those pointed out by the Presidential Council's Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha to the Public Prosecutor that said they had scrapped stocks and factories in eastern Libya and sold them to Turkish companies.