Head of GNC dialogue team deplores UN-led dialogue announcement

Head of GNC dialogue team deplores UN-led dialogue announcement

December 11, 2015 - 23:28
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The Head of GNC Dialogue Team lashed out Friday at the announcement of UNSMIL-sponsored dialogue participants to sign the unity government on December 16.

In a statement following the announcement, Awad Abdul-Sadiq said those attended Tunisia's UN facilitated meeting on December 10, 11 represent themselves only, and they are not entitled to attend or sign any agreements.

"The GNC did not mandate anyone to attend the meeting. The GNC has demanded explanations from the UN Secretary General about the leaked emails of Leon." Said Awad.

He explained that the only official dialogue is the one that was held in Tunisia on December 05 through which the declaration of principles was announced.

He also confirmed that the GNC will remain ready to coordinate and cooperate with the UNSMIL to reach a real solution to the Libyan crisis.

Participants in the UNSMIL-brokered dialogue in Tunisia announced Friday December 16 as a date to sign the UN-backed government agreement. The announcement was made by UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler, GNC member Al-Makhzoom, who resigned from the team in August, and HoR member Mohammed Eshaib.