The Head of the Interior Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR), Sulaiman Al-Harari, objected to the report of the Independent Fact-Finding Mission in Libya, especially the issue of migration and human rights, considering it biased, lacking objectivity, and deliberately distorted the image of Libya by holding it responsible for the crisis of immigrants' flows and pointing out that "it is a vicious circle of accusations against Libya."

"The report ignores the difficult conditions that Libya is going through and the fragility of government institutions that are barely trying to secure a decent life. It is difficult for them to provide for the needs of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who come to Libya due to the situation in the region," Al-Harari said in a statement.

He stressed that there are not enough international support programs for Libya and a lot of aid is provided to unofficial parties, amid the absence of a real strategy to alleviate the crisis. He blamed the European Union's policy in Libya regarding the migration file, which led to the exacerbation of the situation, as it focused on rescuing immigrants from the sea and returning them to Libya, which caused the accumulation of hundreds of thousands in Libya despite the appeal of the Libyan authorities, citing the inability to receive those numbers and the need to transfer them to a third country.

Al-Harari criticized the failure of the report to refer to the efforts made by the Libyan side, as many detention centers which are not subject to the authorities were closed, as well as the Libyan authorities' keenness to cooperate with international organizations such as the International Organization for Migration to strengthen immigration governance and help reform national legislation related to immigration.

"The HoR is looking into the report and will prepare the appropriate responses to it." He said, pointing to their readiness to cooperate in implementing the recommendations, including preparing a rescue plan, provided that the Libyan side's point of view is taken into consideration, work objectively, avoiding biased judgments and taking advantage of mistakes to develop effective strategies to strengthen the human rights file in Libya.

The fact-finding report said that there were “reasonable grounds to believe that war crimes have been committed in Libya,” noting that violence and abuses in prisons and against immigrants may amount to crimes against humanity.