Arab League

The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, said that joint management in creating unified Arab policies and stances requires overcoming differences, rejecting division, and unifying efforts to achieve stability and development, adding in his speech on Friday at the 32nd Arab League Summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that Libya "aspires to a broader and clearer role for the Arab League by supporting the efforts of the African Union and the United Nations to achieve reconciliation and elections this year."

Menfi also confirmed that Libya "has come a long way after the Geneva Agreement to achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people for stability, security, development and prosperity."

He said that the Presidential Council was making efforts to consolidate stability by supporting the work of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission, stressing that his council would continue to cooperate with the UN Support Mission in Libya to back up the 6+6 committee to implement electoral laws.

He also indicated that Libya supported all individual and collective efforts to achieve Arab solidarity and endeavors to end the crises in Yemen and Sudan, calling on the “Arab brothers” to adopt a unified position toward Libya regarding the removal of foreign mercenaries, fighters and forces, and to stop negative interferences. He also reaffirmed the need for dialogue to complete the implementation of the roadmap, strengthen legitimacy through elections, and avoid division.

The "Jeddah Declaration", following the end of the Arab League Summit, expressed support for the efforts to unify the army and establish a ceasefire in Libya and for the UN mission's efforts to reach a comprehensive political settlement in Libya. It also stressed the need for a “Libyan-Libyan” solution and reiterated support for holding parliamentary and presidential elections to end the crisis.