Mohammed Bayo

Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade arrested Tuesday night the Head of the Libyan Media Foundation Mohammed Bayo who was appointed by the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj.

The brigade said Bayo - who was a prominent Gaddafi regime figure - was arrested because he refused to scrap his orders to the state-owned TV channels not to air anything about Khalifa Haftar's war on Tripoli, which he described in his statement as "civil war", or anything that incites hate or revenge.

Bayo also urged TV channels not to use the media logo of Volcano of Rage Operation of the Government of National Accord, which he represents, and to avoid talking about what he called the civil war (Haftar's aggression). He also appointed a pro-Haftar media figure in a very important and high-profile position at the state-owned Libya Al-Wataniya channel.

Many political, media, and military personalities in Libya expressed outrage at the decisions made by Bayo, saying they reject his appointment in the first place in such a very momentous media position in the Government of National Accord. They called on Al-Sarraj to withdraw his appointment of Bayo.

Rejections included the member of the Presidential Council Mohammed Emmari who said Bayo "is falsifying the facts and is hinting that the GNA battle against Haftar's aggression was illegitimate, adding that they will legally appeal the illegal appointment of Bayo by Al-Sarraj.