The Head of the Presidential council (PC) Fayez Al-Sirraj warned Wednesday of hindering the implementation of the ceasefire in Tripoli.

In a meeting in Tripoli with the Head of the UNSMIL Ghassan Salame and his deputy for political affairs Stephanie Williams, Al-Sirraj said the ceasefire is a step forward to implement the security measures agreed on in the Libyan Political Agreement.

"I will keep working until all Libyans reach accord and will keep paving the way for a civil and democratic state. We all are against the acts of those who tamper with the security of the country. They will be duly punished." Al-Sirraj said.

"All needed military and security as well as humanitarian necessities have been provided for the ceasefire to hold in Tripoli." The media office of Al-Sirraj reported him as saying.

He also hailed the efforts of Salame and his deputy as well as the UNSMIL's team in reaching the truce, appreciating at the same time the participants of the meeting.

Salame informed Al-Sirraj about the details of the agreement reached Tuesday in Al-Zawiya city, as the officials reviewed the welcoming joint statement of the western country (US, UK, France and Italy) which reiterated support for the efforts of Salame and the PC for reaching peace and stability in the country.

"We welcome the statement of the four countries as they express their solidarity with Libyans in such tough times." Al-Sirraj said.

UNSMIL brokered Tuesday a ceasefire under the auspices of Salame to end Tripoli's clashes and reopen Mitiga airport in a meeting in Al-Zawiya city.

Tripoli's Health Ministry documented 63 killed and 159 injured persons including civilians and missing persons in the clashes that started on August 27 in southern Tripoli.