A meeting between the head of UN-imposed Presidency Council and three GNC opponents took place at Mitiga Airport on Monday.

GNC First Deputy President and head of dialogue team Awad Abdul-Sadiq, head of GNC Political Committee Abdul-Fittah Shilwi and member Abdul-Fittah Labeeb agreed to meet Fayaz Sirraj in a bid to reach a compromise to the political stand-off.

Shilwi said their meeting was positive and they agreed to hold another meeting between members of GNC and the Presidency Council.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a GNC source revealed that the meeting focused on the five requested amendments to Skhirat agreement, in addition to the war on Benghazi and Derna siege by Dignity Operation. Both sides failed to reach a solution, the source said.

Media sources claimed that Sirraj had offered GNC members to occupy diplomatic posts abroad if they accept the agreement as it is, but the members refused.