The Health Ministry has cautioned local and international health organizations working in Libya to regularize their status or their activities will be banned.

Concerned parties have until next week to complete their legal and registration documents with the Libyan state, according to a publication by the ministry on Facebook Thursday.

Director of the International Cooperation Office at the Ministry of Health, Azzam Hussein, headed a meeting with representatives of several stakeholders to develop a joint framework between the ministry and its local and international partners.

He stressed the need for the organizations to complete their legal procedures before initiating any project related to the health sector and gave notice that dealing with any party affiliated with the ministry without prior coordination with the Office of International Cooperation is a violation that requires legal action.

"The ministry is working according to plans and strategies, and coordination is mandatory in everything related to the supply of medicines, training, maintenance, processing, and other services, so as not to waste resources in a random and ill-considered manner," Hussein said.