The mayor of Derna, Ramzi Al-Shaari, said the city is ready to receive a delegation from the High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR), adding that Derna welcomes all members of the delegation without any exception.

Al-Shaari told the press on Sunday that the delegation is expected to arrive in Derna in two days and there will be some talks about the results of the HCNR's last visit to Derna in May.

Al-Shaari indicated that the most paramount call for Derna residents is to lift the siege of Dignity Operation forces as per a previous agreement and to sense a good intention from the other party, which violated the agreement and even added its checkpoints on Derna's suburbs with more attacks reported from the residents of those areas.

The member of Derna Residents Gathering, Ehwaidi Al-Gaziri, said it is necessary that Dignity Operation forces abide by the rights and demands of the city and its residents, welcoming the upcoming visit of the HCNR's delegation.

"We want a ceasefire that can end the fighting in the city, reopening the port to help reduce the effects of the siege and a withdrawal of Dignity operation forces from administrative borders of Derna and Al-Fatayeh university within a specified timeline." Al-Gaziri added.

He also said that the weapons will not be surrendered unless a real state is announced with laws that apply to Derna and all surrounding areas.

This upcoming visit is the third for the HCNR as it announced last May a deal it struck with Derna Shura Council, Derna municipality and elders; however, Dignity Operation violated the deal.

HCNR delegation's visit comes as Dignity Operation is preparing to conduct a military campaign in Derna after repetitive airstrikes on the city's entrances.

Meanwhile, Dignity Operation's Omar Al-Mukhtar Operation Room ordered residents of the towns that lie on the entrances of Derna to evacuate their houses before a massive military action that aims at controlling the city so that Dignity Operation can claim full control of the entire eastern region.