The spokesman for the Libyan High Council of State (HCS), Mohammed Abdelnasser, said the HCS won't allow House of Representatives' (HoR) Speaker Aqila Saleh to convince people of "the nonsense" that he is using to spoil and derail elections.

The spokesman said the HoR cannot issue elections legislation alone and neither can the High National Elections Commission, urging for implementing the Libyan Political Agreement's Article 23 that says the legislation for elections shall be devised by a joint committee from the HCS and HoR.

He indicated that saying that the elections legislation is under the HoR authority only is "ignorance" of the Libyan Political Agreement and Constitutional Deceleration laws, adding that this fact is for all stakeholders, including the HoR, and those countries that attended Berlin I and II Conferences as well as the Libyan people, to see which party is derailing elections.

The HoR committee is still convening in Rome and will wrap up on Thursday to devise elections legislation under the auspices of the UN Support Mission in Libya, which called for allowing the HCS to be part of this process.