Members of the High Council of State (HCS) demanded on Thursday that the Libyan National Conference (Multaqa Al-Watani) include the approved voting of the committee that passed the constitution with a majority of more than two thirds of voters and thus consider the constitution approved without any referendum.

The 34 members called also in a statement for making the House of Representatives and HCS committed to the approval of the constitution.

"If there could be no agreement on the approved constitution, the National Conference should recommend holding a popular referendum for the constitution with the UN Security Council committing the HoR and HCS to issuing the needed legislations to ensure the step is well carried out in no more than a month." The members added.

They also said that the National Conference could provide the two options for deliberations but commit the HoR and the HCS by a UN Security Council resolution to vote for one of them and thus approve the option receiving the most votes in a month's deadline.

"If failed, the conference should reiterate the need for referendum on the constitution." The members added.

They called as well for announcing the names of hindering parties of the political process and the sanctions they would face so they can be deterred.

The Libyan National Conference is going to be held on April 14-16 in Ghademes with only Libyan parties attending - between 120 and 150 people.