The High Council of State (HCS) has called for total equality with the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) in order to have successful amendments' talks for the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA).

"No comprehensive accord mean no agreement on a new presidential council." The HCS added.

It also urged on its Facebook page on Tuesday the UN and its Security Council to exert more pressure to end Libya's parallelism in political bodies and governments, reiterating support for elections that would end the transitional phase after the constitution receives approval.

"The UNSMIL should invite the western military officers and discuss the military status quo in Libya so that they can present their thoughts on the role of the army in the political process." The Head of the Anti-Terror and Security Backup Committee at the HCS, Belgasem Debrez explained.

He also rejected Cairo's hosting of Libya's military institutions unification meetings, saying Egypt is a biased party in the Libyan crisis.

The HCS members renewed their call for equality with the HoR in a meeting that was attended by Ghassan Salame - the Head of the UNMSIL - in Tripoli.

Salame, on the other hand, expressed understanding regarding the HCS's objection to Article 02 of his proposal to amend the LPA, which revolves around the appointment mechanisms of the presidential council, saying he is open to more discussions in that regard with the HCS.

"We reject using the date of December 17 as a means to spoil the current political process, the date says nothing about the expiration of the only political ground on which Libya's political solution will be modeled." Salame added.

He indicated that elections need more efforts and time that most of the parties imagine, saying that a group of conditions must also be available for the elections, such as security, legislations, environment, among other issues.

Salame also said that the UNSMIL selected a neutral country to hold Libyan military institutions unification meetings, adding that he would give the name of the country at the right time.

Salame presented his proposal last November as a way for ending Libya's dilemma, with focus on executive authorities, however; the HCS had qualms about this proposal as there is no "sharing" as the LPA says.