In his goodbye message, the UN envoy Jan Kubis has urged Libyans to go to elections to start a new democratic future for their country and free it from the grip of foreign interference.

"Notwithstanding all the risks and challenges, all technical and procedural flaws and imperfections, and less than optimal conditions, this unique opportunity to start a new democratic future for Libya should not be missed," Kubis said.

Kubis is leaving his post after less than a year on the job and before a critical presidential vote on December 24 that emanated from an UN-chalked roadmap.

He underscored that the holding of timely free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections is crucial to end the transitional phase, help start a unified, prosperous, and sovereign state, and put an end to foreign interference.

The UN envoy highlighted the UN mission's work during his office, including facilitating meetings for the Joint Military Committee (5+5) with neighboring countries and the African Union, besides holding coordination meetings in Ankara and Moscow.

Regarding the economic track, Kubis indicated that the Central Bank would soon take serious and tangible steps towards unifying this financial institution.

Ending his speech, Kubis said that he had stepped down for professional and personal reasons, wishing success to Stephanie Williams, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Libya.