The number of voters registered to vote in the first phase of the municipal elections on Tuesday has totalled 30,488, an increase of about 4,000 voters from Monday.

The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) said that the number of registered men is 24,600 voters, and 5,888 female voters.

According to HNEC daily statement statistics, voter registration will continue up to June 23.

The HNEC said that 106 municipal councils are targeted for elections in 2024, pointing out that registration in municipal council elections is completely new, and is based on residence in the municipality in which the applicant for registration will be voting. 

Registration applications are only accepted through the voter registration system using text messages (SMS) or through the centers of committees accepting registration applications. 

Following the completion of this stage, the HNEC is scheduled to distributing ballots to new electors who have not previously obtained a card, while electoral cards distributed in 2021 are still valid, and will be used in municipal council elections, to verify identity of voter on polling day.