The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) needs six to eight months to relaunch the electoral process in the country, says the HNEC head Emad El-Sayeh.

While briefing the House of Representatives on the course of the electoral process on Monday, El Sayeh said that another electoral process means an additional voter registration.

"The commission will re-screen the files of all candidates running for the presidential and parliamentary elections, the HNEC head added, explaining that the commission was unable to do so in the past due to time constraints.

Regarding the fraud issue, El-Sayeh disclosed that they referred 12 candidacy papers to the Public Prosecutor in connection with allegations of fraud.

He also addressed the election petition, saying that the judgments of the appeal committees were not constant with the law. El-Sayeh insisted that the appeals mechanism should be considered by a committee of the HNEC and the legal assistants.